Sunflowers in the News


2019 sunflower tours attracted 24,500 people over 10 days to Corteva Hawaii

Sunflower season raises nearly $50,000 for Waialua community nonprofits, attracts 24,500 people over 10 days

Following storms, sunflower tours postponed

The 2018 Sunflowers in the Country event has been postponed

Feeding Those in Need

An innovate partnership between Pioneer, local produce farmers and Lanakila Pacific uses Grade B produce to prepare fresh meals for Meals on Wheels and other community programs.

Tours Boost Waialua Community

Thanks to a turnout of more than 21,000 people over 12 days to view the sunflowers on Pioneer DuPont’s Wailua Farm, area nonprofit organizations raised more than $52,000 by facilitating parking and selling t-shirts, water and snacks.

Community Celebrates Annual Harvest Ag Festival

The community came together to celebrate the 5th Annual Harvest Ag Festival in West Kauai on Sunday, Oct. 21.

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