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Learn more about the exciting CRISPR projects and breakthroughs happening at Corteva Agriscience. Here, you’ll find our resources, news and studies about CRISPR and stay informed on the latest advancements in the field.

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Recent News

Redesigning the Global Food Supply October 2, 2020

Mining Nature’s Diversity for Novel Cas9 Tools May 4, 2020

Corteva signs first major gene editing deal with European company December 10, 2019

Consumers and Farmers Call for More Sustainable Food Production in Europe September 4, 2019

Growing Consensus for a New, Inclusive Definition of Sustainable Food Production December 6, 2019

BioResource International, Inc. to Use Gene Editing Technology to Drive Innovation in Animal Health and Nutrition April 4, 2019

Amfora Licenses Gene Editing Technology April 2, 2019

Securing the Future of Rice October 15, 2018

Yield10 Bioscience Signs Research License Agreement Covering CRISPR-Cas9 Genome-Editing Technology with the Broad Institute and Pioneer August 8, 2018

Simplot Company Secures Agricultural Research & Commercial License from Corteva, Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard August 6, 2018

ICRISAT and Corteva Collaborate for Sharing Advanced Breeding Technologies to Improve Crops That Feed Millions April 18, 2018

DuPont Pioneer and Broad Institute of MIT & Harvard Join Forces to Enable Democratic Access to CRISPR Licensing in Agriculture October 18, 2017

DuPont Pioneer Expands CRISPR-Cas9 Patent Portfolio with License from Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard October 18, 2017

DuPont Pioneer and Danforth Center Collaborate to Apply Cutting-edge Technologies to Improve Crops for Smallholder Farmers October 17, 2017

DuPont Pioneer and CasZyme Collaborating to Advance New CRISPR-Cas Gene-Editing Tools October 12, 2017

DuPont Pioneer Launches Open Innovation Website July 17, 2017

DuPont Pioneer Secures Exclusive Rights to ERS Genomics’ CRISPR-Cas Patent Portfolio for Agriculture June 27, 2017

DuPont Pioneer and Vilnius University Announce CRISPR-Cas Patent Grant May 2, 2017

Caribou Biosciences and DuPont Pioneer Develop New Method to Comprehensively Map the Off-Target Activity of CRISPR-Cas9 Across Entire Genomes May 1, 2017

DuPont Pioneer & International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center Form CRISPR-Cas Public/Private Partnership September 28, 2016

DuPont Pioneer Scientists Demonstrating Potential of CRISPR-Cas for Agriculture August 17, 2016

DuPont Pioneer Announces Intentions to Commercialize First CRISPR-Cas Product April 18, 2016

DuPont Pioneer Gains Exclusive License for Genome-Editing Technology from Vilnius University June 23, 2015

DuPont and Caribou Biosciences Announce Strategic Alliance October 8, 2015

Science Manuscripts

glossary of scientific terms may be helpful when accessing this more technical set of resources.

Mapping the Genomic Landscape of CRISPR–Cas9 Cleavage, Nature Methods, 2017

Genome Editing in Maize Directed by CRISPR-Cas9 Ribonucleoprotein Complexes, Nature Communications, 2016

CRISPR-Cas Advanced Plant Breeding Crop Insights, 2016

ARGOS8 Variants Generated by CRISPR-Cas9 Improve Maize Grain Yield Under Field Drought Stress Conditions, Plant Biotechnology Journal, 2016

Rapid Characterization of CRISPR-Cas9 Protospacer Adjacent Motif Sequence Elements, Genome Biology, 2015

Cas9-Guide RNA Directed Genome Editing in Soybean, Plant Physiology, 2015

Targeted Mutagenesis, Precise Gene Editing, and Site-Specific Gene Insertion in Maize Using Cas9 and Guide RNA Plant Physiology, 2015