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Arylex™ active

A new herbicide for the control of broadleaf weeds with utility in multiple crops. Arylex is an innovative low-dose growth regulator herbicide for use in mixtures with other Corteva herbicides creating a wide spectrum of products customized for Europe.

Discovered by and proprietary to Corteva Agriscience™, Arylex is the first member of a new structural class of synthetic auxin herbicides. The auxinic mode of action of Arylex will be effective in managing weed biotypes resistant to other modes of action such as ALS inhibitor herbicides, glyphosate and triazine herbicides. 

How it Works?

Arylex™ active is a synthetic auxin herbicide active ingredient that acts through a synthetic auxin mechanism (HRAC group O). It is a systemic, phloem and xylem mobile herbicide that is readily absorbed through leaves, shoots and roots. When foliar applied it will be symplastically translocated throughout the plant and will accumulate in meristematic tissue. 

Treatment with Arylex mimics the effect of a persistent high-dose of the natural plant hormone auxin causing over-stimulation of specific auxin-regulated genes. This leads to profound long-lasting physiological and morphological effects on susceptible weeds that stop plant growth and result in cell death. Tissues that are undergoing active cell division and growth are particularly susceptible to injury.