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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mode of action?

It is a synthetic auxin herbicide (Group O in HRAC classification), however it is the first member of a new structural class of synthetic auxins – the arylpicolinates. It has a unique binding site compared to other synthetic auxin herbicides.

Does Arylex™ active control ALS resistant weeds?

The auxinic mode of action means that it controls weed biotypes that are resistant to other herbicide modes of actions such as ALS inhibitor herbicides, glyphosate and triazine herbicides.

What are the main benefits of Arylex™ active based products for farmers?

Arylex offers farmers a number of benefits;

- A wide window of application (giving more spray days).

- It works on an extensive range of broad-leaved weeds and is highly efficacious (robust and reliable).

- It controls weeds independently of temperature (reliable).

- Rapidly degrades in soil and plant tissues giving maximum flexibility on cultivations and crop rotation (flexible)

- Very high levels of crop safety - even under tough conditions (crop safety)

What are the symptoms of Arylex™ active working?

Once in the weed, Arylex™ active displays a number of symptoms including cessation of growth, stem and petiole twisting, leaf malformations and chlorosis.

How quick does Arylex™ active work?

The symptoms of Arylex™ active herbicide damage to sensitive species normally occurs within a few hours. Plant death may not occur for several weeks, but symptoms appear in new growth soon after application. The speed of kill is quicker than ALS chemistry.

What is the environmental profile of Arylex™ active?

Arylex™ active has a favourable environmental and toxicological profile. In the EU it has met all the regulatory requirements (which include environmental and toxicological standards) for Annexe 1 approval.

What crops can Arylex™ active be used on?

Oilseed rape, winter and spring crops of wheat, barley, rye, triticale, spelt and sunflower.

When is the optimum timing for Arylex™ active?

Arylex™ active based products will work in all weather conditions though weed death may be slow under very cold conditions. Control is influenced by weed size with smaller stages of weeds more easily controlled. However, unlike most growth regulator herbicides the activity of Arylex on target weeds is not significantly influenced by temperature. This means that control can be achieved under cold (inactive periods of weed growth) and warm conditions with active growth.

How long before it is rain-fast?

The cereal formulations are rainfast in 1 hour.


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