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Helianthex® herbicide containing Arylex™ active is a new herbicide for the post emergence control of broadleaf weeds in all sunflower varieties (conventional varieties and herbicide tolerant varieties).

Helianthex provides a high efficacy in post emergence on all hybrids.

- For conventional varieties Helianthex brings a new and unique solution in post-emergent segment

- For herbicide tolerant varieties, Helianthex brings a higher efficacy on difficult weeds.

- For herbicide tolerant varieties growing farmers, Helianthex brings the freedom to choose other hybrids, conventional or other herbicide tolerant cultivants.

Key Benefits

Broad spectrum of efficacy

Helianthex® provides advanced post-emergence control of a broad spectrum of troublesome broad-leaf weeds, even resistant ones including Ambrosia, Xanthium, Chenopodium, Abutilon and good level of efficacy on Amaranthus, Hibiscus, Mercurialis and Solanum.

Wide application window

Helianthex® offers good selectivity over a window of application from BBCH 14 giving flexibility with a post-emergence application. It is flexible across variable weather conditions. 

Favorable toxicological & environmental profile

Helianthex® can be safely used on conventional and herbicide-tolerant sunflower varieties leaving growers the freedom to choose their best varieties.

It is an innovative low-dose per hectar herbicide and can be used in combination with any weed control program.