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Rexade®  400


Rexade® 400 herbicide improves productivity and keeps the land healthy with faster, more flexible control of broadleaf weeds.

Rexade is a one pass, cross-spectrum cereal herbicide with no carry over, better flexibility on timing and weather conditions, and has unique mode of action for broadleaf weeds.  It combines three active ingredients, Arylex™ active, Florasulam and Pyroxulam in a granule GoDRI formulation.

Key Benefits

Unique mode of action and control spectrum

Rexade® 400 is a one pass herbicide offering the broadest spectrum for controlling the key broadleaves and grasses present in winter and spring cereals. It is better on Apera spp than current standard and it controls susceptible and ALS-resistant broadleaf weeds. It is the best in class on Galium, Fumaria spp, Papaver, Lamium spp, Geranium spp

Arylex™ unique synthetic auxin mode of action means growers have a faster kill limiting weeds competition to the crop. It includes two modes of action making it another tool to help growers prevent resistance development and sustain their production.

Wide application window

Rexade® 400 offers good selectivity over a wide window of cereal stages from BBCH 13 to BBCH 32 for winter cereals applications and from BBCH 21 to BBCH 32 for spring cereals. It offers consistent weed control across variable climatic conditions (cold or warm, wet or dry), across weed and crop stages for more good spray days.

Ease of use

Rexade® 400 is easy to tank mix with other herbicides partners.


Favorable toxicological & environmental profile

Rexade® 400 degrades in soil and plant tissues rapidly, allowing for crop rotation flexibility. Low use rates of Rexade result in low environmental load of the herbicide.