Viballa™ Herbicide


Viballa® herbicide, containing Arylex™ active (halauxifen-methyl) (3 g ae/l), is a new herbicide for the post emergence control of broadleaf weeds in all sunflowers varieties (Conventional varieties and herbicide tolerant varieties).

Viballa™ provides a high efficacy in postemergence on all hybrids :

- For conventional varieties Viballa™ brings a new and unique solution in postemergent segment

- For Herbicide Tolerant varieties Viballa™ brings a higher efficacy on difficult weeds

For Herbicide tolerant varieties growing farmers Viballa™ brings the freedom to choose others hybrids, conventional or other HTC (herbicide tolerant cultivants)

Viballa™ got an exceptional use authorization in Hungary in 2019. Full registration in Hungary and other European countries is expected in the coming 2 years.

NeoEC™ Formulations

Reasons to Believe

Key Benefits

  • Viballa™ can be used from B14 (4 fully developed leaves)
  • High level of efficacy on difficult weeds, even resistant types, such as Ambrosia , Xanthium, Chenopodium, Abutilon and good level of efficacy on Amaranthus, Hibiscus, Mercurialis, Solanum
  • By significantly reducing the number of plant survivors, it reduces the production of pollen and thus the spread noxious to nearby communities
  • Viballa™ can be safely used on conventional and herbicide-tolerant sunflower varieties leaving growers the freedom to choose their best varieties
  • Viballa™ is  an innovative low-dose per ha herbicide and is the first member of a new class of synthetic auxin herbicides, the arylpicolinates. This new chemical class is effective in managing key weeds including weed biotypes which are resistant to other modes of action in Sunflower (e.g. ALS inhibitor herbicides).


Application Timing


Arylex™ active  is not registered for sale or use in all countries. No offer for sale, sale, or use of this product is permitted prior to issuance of the required country level registrations.