Arylex™ active for sunflower

Arylex™ the new weed control solution bringing your sunflower management to a higher level

Arylex™ active belongs to a new class of chemistry : Arypicolinates it is the first member of this new chemical class which is a new structural class within HRACs Group O (Synthetic Auxins). Arylex™ active will be the first Arylpicolinate member on sunflower.

When talking with growers* about their key challenges when growing Sunflower, their comments are quite consistent across major Sunflower growing countries like Ukraine, Russia, Hungary, Romania, France and Bulgaria.

*2019 market research across countries, more than 500 sunflower growers interviewed.

It is very clear that growers are looking to improve the profitability of the crop and keep under control the many challenges associated with growing Sunflower. Arylex™ development by Corteva in Sunflower is an excellent news for those growers as it will help them bring their sunflower management to a higher level. Arylex™ will deliver on this promise as it has the following features and  attributes leading to some unique benefits for the farmers:

In Europe Arylex™ will be developed with 2 formulations, Viballa™ and Helianthex™. 

Those formulations will be bring more power, control and freedom of choices to farmer in the way they grow Sunflower.

Discover more about the Ambrosia issue in Europe and how Arylex™ can help limit the spread of the weed in Sunflower.


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