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Inatreq™ Active

An innovative new cereals fungicide that protects your crop, yield and the business you love

Inatreq™ Active is an innovative new fungicide developed by Corteva Agriscience™ enabling growers to control key diseases in cereals on their farms.  

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Enable Your Progress

Today's technology can help you continually improve your farm for the next generation. We can work side-by-side with you to help you make the most of today's crop protection innovations.

Inatreq™ delivers broad spectrum disease control through a new target site in cereals, supporting a robust resistance management strategy on the farm. This novel chemistry will be offered with a formulation technology that increases the uptake by the plant, optimizing biological performance with less active ingredient per hectare. Inatreq offers strong protectant properties as well as curative efficacy, meaning time of application is flexible. 

To ensure broad spectrum disease control and support of robust resistance management strategies, Inatreq will be commercialised in cereals for use only in mixture or application with other cereal fungicides. Specific formulations are under development to optimize treatment efficacy within various geographies.

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Optimize Production

We understand that you want to make the most of your inputs and optimize production on the acres/hectares you are farming today. Choosing the best products keeps your crops healthy, productive and profitable.

Diseased crops produce less because their leaves take in less sunlight, carbon dioxide and water and therefore produce less energy. Conversely, when diseases are controlled, healthier plants deliver higher yield and higher quality grain. Inatreq™ supports growers in producing an excellent quality cereal crop.

Septoria triticii is one of the most important foliar diseases of wheat and has become increasingly resistant to many existing fungicides. Inatreq demonstrates outstanding biological performance and has been proven to offer market-leading activity on Septoria triticii, in addition to activity against rust and other diseases/

The use of fungicides with different or new modes of action helps mitigate the development of fungicide resistance. With a new target site in cereals, Inatreq offers no cross-resistance to existing fungicide chemistries and is an innovative resistance management tool.

Inatreq™ active is a product of natural origin that offers a favorable toxicology and environmental fate profile, supporting growers in their efforts to preserve the environment in their local communities. 

The formulation technology developed for Inatreq facilitates increased uptake by the plant. This supports lower use rates and enables the product to degrade rapidly in the environment.