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Frequently Asked Questions

What are you announcing?

An innovative, new fungicide, Inatreq™  (pronounced "INNA-trek") active.

What is the expected launch timing?

Questar™ fungicide with Inatreq™ active, was approved in March 2020 for sale in France. The next registrations for Inatreq products are anticipated within the coming year in the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and, subsequently, all other relevant European markets.

For what other crops are you exploring the use of Inatreq™ ?

Besides the cereals market, Inatreq™  will be developed and registration is expected in bananas in key producing countries.

What are the key attributes of Inatreq™ ?

  • New patented chemistry of natural origin from Corteva Agrisciences™ 
  • Novel fungicide with unique target site - innovative resistance management tool
  • Disease spectrum - highly active on Septoria tritici with activity against rust and other diseases
  • Outstanding biology performance with strong residual protectant properties as well as curative efficacy and local plant mobility (translaminar activity)
  • Application flexibility with excellent crop safety
  • Favorable regulatory profile

How does Inatreq™ compare to others on the market today?

In the near term, this new technology is expected to be the only fungicide in the industry that represents a new target site for Septoria (fungus) control in the cereals market. This technology is showing excellent performance and is expected to drive significant value across key cereal fungicide markets, where there are increasing resistance issues.


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