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What are the Environmental Benefits? 

In the European Union, agricultural uses of nitrogen make it the dominant source of nitrogen losses, with the current loss estimated to be 6.8 – 8 million tons per year (Westhoek et al, 2018). Farming generates 94% of ammonia emissions in Europe and while levels of nitrates decreased in rivers since 1993 they have not decreased in groundwater.


Study on nitrification and leaching

This study was focused on checking Optinyte™ technology ability to inhibit nitrification as well as to limit nitrate leaching. Several different fertilizer were considered – from ammonium sulphate through various slurry types up to biogas digestate.

 Independing on the fertilizer following conclusions were drawn:


  • Optinyte led to the inhibition of the nitrification process at the rate 60-100% depending on conditions, fertilizer type and time of measurement
  • Optinyte use significantly limited leaching of the nitrate from root zone – mostly by keeping nitrogen in ammonium form within the root zone.