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Crops and Weeds

When weeds compete for resources, rice plants take in less sunlight, oxygen, nutrients and water and therefore produce less energy. Conversely, when weeds are controlled in a timely manner, rice plants have less competition from weeds and can deliver higher yield and higher quality grain. 

Rinskor™ active will support farmers in producing a healthy, high yielding and top quality rice crop. It is used at low rates and offers consistent weed control across variable rice growing conditions and water management systems. When used following label recommendations, Rinskor shows selectivity to rice and can be used for weed control in all types of rice, including Indica, Japonica and hybrid rice types, as well as with herbicide tolerant varieties. 

In hundreds of Rinskor field trials in all major rice producing countries, Corteva Agriscience™ field scientists have observed complete selectivity to rice. Under certain adverse environmental conditions, the crop may express a temporary response that does not affect yield. This response may also be seen if the product is used above label rates.