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Starting in 2019 growers will benefit from Divixton™ which can be used in all rice cropping systems and weed control programs. In a weed control program Divixton™ can be used pre-sowing (as burn-down application) or post-sowing, in conventional and herbicide tolerant varieties, it can be easily mixed with other products, fitting various weed control programs used by rice growers.  In addition, Divixton™ provides a wider window of applications than currently used herbicides.


Divixton™ contains Rinskor™ Active which helps rice growers in Europe grow a better crop to be more profitable. Rinskor™ Active thanks to excellent broad spectrum weed control of grasses, sedges and broadleaf weeds keeps clean fields even when weeds are resistant. It improves yield and its quality with good return on farmers’ investment in the crop. Rinskor™ has a favorable eco toxicological and environmental profile and excellent toxicological profile  which makes it safe for user, consumer and bystander. Growers get more efficient in their farm management and more freedom to trade across geographies and foodchain partners while protecting the crop and preserving the rice ecosystem.

Technical Specifications