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Lumidapt™ growth enhancer seed treatment


Growth Nutrition Seed Treatment

A new growth enhancer seed treatment for corn, sunflower and oilseed rape.

Lumidapt™ is a new type of organic mineral fertilizer, engineered to enhance plant's metabolic activity, physiology and stress mitigation in a proactive manner. 


Key advantages

- Faster germination and emergence

- Enhanced root development

- Increase in biomass

- Growth stimulation via synergy wit agrochemicals

- Energy efficiency of metabolic processes

- Stress mitigation

- Excellent crop safety

- Uniform maturation, reduced harvesting losses

- Increased yield capacity and better quality


Lumidapt™ penetrates seed's coating and is absorbed by cells. Multiple impact on cell level leads to enhanced germination. Absorption of Lumidapt leads to increased rate of nutrient and water absorption by the seed. 

Lumidapt has a gluing effect, which aids absorption of other agrochemicals. It aids transportation in the cell via accommodating active ingredient to Lumidapt molecule's matrix. 

Stimulates root growth and ensures sufficient nutrient supply

Faster emergence, more uniform plants establishment, higher plant survival 

Enhanced winter oilseed rape growth from seed to harvest




All products marked with ® or ™ nay not be registered for sale or use in all countries. No offer for sale, sale or use of these products are permitted prior to issuance of the required country, region or state registrations.

Claims of crop growth enhancement and yield improvements are based on internal trials and data. Actual field results may vary.