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Lumiposa™ insecticide seed treatment


Seed Applied Insecticide

Visibly Stronger

Lumiposa™ is a systemic seed treatment insecticide that has been developed to protect young oilseed rape seedlings from a broad range of pests. Plants are rapidly protected from insect feeding damage allowing them to grow more vigorously for a better crop establishment. 


Key advantages

- Provides outstanding protection against key pests in oilseed rape including Delia radicum

- Helps to grow visibly superior oilseed rape plants for more secured yields

- The new mode of action makes Lumiposa ideal as resistance management tool

- Has a favourable environmental profile and minimal impact on beneficials if applied according to label recommendations

- A new tool for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Programmes.



Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient

    Cyantraniliprole (625 g/L)

  • Formulations

    Flowable Concentrate for Seed Treatment (FS)


  • Application Rate

    50 mg active ingredient per seed


Winter oilseed rape

Refer to the Product Label for complete product efficacy information.

A New Level of Protection


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Claims of crop growth enhancement and yield improvements are based on internal trials and data. Actual field results may vary.