Overcoming Challenges

Overcoming Challenges


Target Crop & Disease


Refer to the Product Label for complete product efficacy information.

Technical Specifications

  • Active Ingredient


    Chemical class: Piperininyl thiazole isoxazoline

  • Application Rate

    18.75 mg ai/1000 seeds, 14.1 ml/unit 150K

  • Formulations

    200 g/l Flowable Concentrate for Seed Treatment (FS)

  • Fungicide Group


  • Mode of Action

    Binds to oxysterol-binding protein (OSBP)

The active ingredient Oxathiapiprolin

  • Oxathiapiprolin, the active ingredient in Lumisena™, is active at every stage of the fungal life cycle, resulting in healthier plants.
  • It has preventative activity that inhibits zoospore release and prevents zoospore germination at very low concentrations as is evidenced below.
  • This protects from infection via the roots, enabling healthy emergence. 


Plasmopara halstedii lifecycle

  • Novel target site, completely new biochemical mode of action
  • Affects oxysterol-binding protein (OSBP)
  • Current FRAC Classification Number: 49
  • Function of OSBP still being investigated. Many functions in cell associated with OSBP's mostly dealing with signaling, lipid transport, membrane structure and hyphal tip growth.
  • No cross resistance with existing fungicides
  • Highly selective against Phytophytora and downy mildew species
  • Very low toxicity to a number of non-target organisms 

Key Benefits

- Very effective against oomycete pathogens that cause downy mildew

- Significantly better efficacy than market reference

- Increased emergence and healthier stand establishment to help secure yields

- Highly effective at very low active ingredient use rate

- New mode of action with no cross resistance to any existing fungicide

- Complements genetic resistance

- Favorable environmental profile

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Environmental Profile

Lumisena™ has a favourable environmental profile if applied according to label recommendations.

It is very effective on target organisms at extremely low use rates and has very low toxicity to non-target organisms. Mammalian oral, neurological, developmental and dermal toxicity is low, as is avian and bee toxicity.

Resistance Management

Emergence tests EPPO vs between paper germination tests ISTA 4 hybrids, N rate and 2N rate, 3 and 6 months storage

Between paper germination tests ISTA 24 seed batches, 12 hybrids, 0-24 months of storage

Field trials: 13 efficacy tests, 19 selectivity tests France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria 6 hybrids included

No issues found 

Oxathiapiprolin is not cross-resistant with other classes of fungicides used against oomycete pathogens.

To reduce the risk of resistance development, Lumisena™ should be used in mixture with a different mode of action fungicide active on the target oomycete disease. 


Resistant management recommendation: Mefenoxam/metalaxyl-M (Apron XL)

Lumisena™ seed applied fungicide is not registered for sale or use in all countries. No offer for sale, sale, or use of these products is permitted prior to issuance of the required country level registrations. Please contact your SAT representative to help with the best recipe to serve your company.