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Publication •  6/3/2019

Corteva Agriscience™ Forging A New Frontier For Seed Applied Technologies

Written By Andre Negreiros
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We can say that seed treatment is a new business compared to all the traditional chemical usage in agriculture and also with the size of its market.

This is a new way to look into the agribusiness and chemical usage and has also evolved quite fast, getting more professional and bringing even more benefits to agriculture and its environment.

Did you know that foliar or in furrow application can use up to 10 times higher amounts of active ingredient than seed treatment? And the benefits go further. Besides providing cost savings to farmers compared with broader foliar pesticides applications, seed treatment helps to improve the ability of the seeds to fight against external abiotic and biotic stresses and moreover, promotes foster seedling establishment and early plant growth. It is very effective against a broader range of plant parasites and with a most targeted protection is already effective with a small amount of product well positioned providing extended protection during the most important stage of plant development.

The technical benefits end up reducing the environmental impact. The chemical active ingredient applied to the soil, once using seed treatment, is smaller in comparison to broader foliar pesticides application. For the farmers, it brings handling benefits reducing human exposure and the need to handle chemicals along with the dispose of containers on farm, all this with less exposure to diverse weather conditions, unlike foliar spray applications.

Corteva Agriscience™ is an active part of the evolution of the seed treatment to a more professional and in industrial business. The commitment is to create more innovative solutions discovering, developing & providing Advanced Seed Applied Technologies to Improve Grower’s Productivity through a market driven science, collaboration and technique of assembly.

Corteva has first-hand knowledge of growers’ practices and needs through its vast seeds network, with more than 90 years and over a billion units of seeds treated. Along with that comes the superior science of globally renowned DowDuPont Research & Development which adds more than crop protection chemical experience and takes it to the level of seed treatments including biologicals, polymers, inoculants and services.

The current portfolio that take this promise to life are Lumiposa and Lumivia for insecticide seed treatment and Lumisena focused on fungicide seed treatment control. Those are all new classes of chemical products, with reliable performance and a very favorable environmental profile. Also, a new pipeline is being developed to bring new potential solution in the chemical and biological space. This Corteva new product development, strong scientific investment and farmer focus are bringing a winning combination of game-changing for seed applied technologies.