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Publication •  10/8/2019

Getting Ready for the Future

Written By Sylvain Bedel
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European Seed: Can you share some of the new products that your company has been developing?

Two years ago, we launched Lumiposa for winter oilseed rape, which is the newest and broadest spectrum seed applied insecticide, delivering visibly superior crop establishment. It reduces early-season insect feeding damage, improves vigour and protects yield potential.

Last year, we obtained the first registration of our new Sunflower seed applied fungicide, Lumisena (based on oxathiapiprolin) in Ukraine and Serbia. It is our cutting-edge seed treatment that protects sunflower from day one, even in the toughest conditions. With its unique mode of action, Lumisena protects any hybrid seed against all existing downy mildew races and is proven to enable better crop establishment and stronger seedlings.

We are also focusing on corn and we plan to launch Lumiposa on this crop as soon as possible. It is critical for the grower to get a new insecticide solution on this crop in order to replace one of the current standard products that will be withdrawn from the market soon. Lumiposa corn is the unique seed treatment that gives an unrivalled cutworm control and consistent protection against wireworm up to V2 growth stage. As it’s absorbed by the plant, it delivers more reliable and longer lasting protection than standard treatments and ensures a more uniform crop emergence, even in severe conditions

To complete this portfolio, we are launching a new fungicide for corn, Lumiflex (based on ipconazole), recently registered in France and Romania. It’s the flexible partner for corn disease control providing number one efficacy against head smut and excellent fusarium and rhizoctonia’s protection.

Finally, we are also developing a new growth enhancer seed treatment for corn, sunflower and oilseed rape: Lumidapt. It is a molecular level complex with humic and fulvic acid backbone and bonded nutrients.

European Seed: But how are these products helping farmers and society?

First, it’s an efficient and targeted use of active ingredients: lower quantities, frequency and chemical intensity per hectare of plant protection products compared to foliar applications allowing benefits for farmers and operators with reduced exposure to active substances. Then there are environmental benefits promoting sustainable agriculture with limiting the potential exposure to non-target organisms. It’s a key tool in a successful Integrated Pest Management Program. The goal for the grower is to protect its plants from the start and seed treatment enables a strong and healthy crop development and secures higher yields and crop quality for farmers.