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Publication •  8/12/2019

New Solution for Disease Control in Corn

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Committed with farmer’s needs, our company CORTEVA is excited to announce our new product launch. Lumiflex is our new seed applied fungicide that has just gotten first registration in Europe (France) in corn. The next goal is to get registration in the key countries across EU28, but also in other important markets like Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.

The challenge controlling the complex of diseases in corn are something that farmers face since several years. But this battle is becoming more and more challenging due to some disease resistance issues and also to the lack of new solutions available in this very regulated market. In this context, we are glad to launch our new product which is a broad-spectrum fungicide with excellent effect on controlling damping off, seedling blights (Rizoctonia solani, Fusarium moniliforme), seed rot (Penicillium, Aspergillus, Rhizopus, Cladosporium) and Head Smut(Sphacelotheca reiliana).

Corn Head Smut, Sphacelotheca reiliana, is a real problem in Europe. The disease develops systemically within the plant and its development gets favored by low soil moisture and warm temperatures, around 22–28⁰C. The main issue is that corn cultivars vary significantly in their resistance and even though Head Smut is primarily soil-borne, it can also be seed-borne. Besides that, they behave as teliospores, which can survive several years in the environment, and infects the growing point of the young seedling.

All around the world, controlling Corn Head Smut requires high rates of triazoles, but all the studies in the area have shown that Ipconazole can provide the highest level of control available nowadays, combined with outstanding seed safety. This is the principle of the new seed treatment fungicide for corn that has been launched by our company.

Lumiflex is a premium fungicide seed treatment product to be used by specialist industrial seed processors and plant breeders. Very safe to seed and with no detrimental effect on plant emergence and establishment, the uncolored formulation is high concentrated, has a low application rate, and it is ideal for tank mixing, compatible with other fungicides, insecticides and colors/polymers.

The trial data have proven that ipconazole is mostly superior to registered products in the market. It has a proven track record on corn in North America, since 2007, and moreover, has been submitted to 25 tested cultivars around Europe and almost 70 trials. In those, it has presented no negative effects upon crop yield and also upon crop quality metrics such as cellulose, starch, fat, ash, protein, HLW, TGW, digestibility and fiber.

Already in the 2020 season, the product is expected to be part of the best seeds in the market.