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Publication •  6/3/2019

Newest and Broadest Spectrum Seed Applied Insecticide for Winter Oil Seed Rape

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Winter oil seed rape (WOSR) is an important oilseed crop for Romanian farmers. In recent years, WOSR has become increasingly popular among Romanian farmers. However, this season, the planted surface was lower, mainly due to the prolonged and extreme drought in autumn (which has affected a big part of the acreage). A significant planted surface did not emerge or has poor density. Finally, only around 40% from the planted surface will be harvested this season. With all these challenges, WOSR remains a profitable crop because of the economic benefits it offers.

Attack from pests and diseases in the early stages of WOSR crop development directly affect the number of plants per square meter or hectare, but also their ability for overwintering. The reduced number of autumn plants, as well as winter losses, may compromise the crop.

The first pests to occur immediately after emergence of the crop are the Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle (Psylliodes spp.) and Cabbage Flea Beetles (Phyllotreta spp.). Adult attack has a strong impact on rapeseed culture up to the two-leaf stage of the crop, destroying plants completely. The attack of these pests is easy to observe in the field, the leaves of the young plants being riddled on the edge. Another dangerous pest till rosette phase are Turnip Sawfly larvae (Athalia rosae). The larva’s attack occurs both in autumn and spring, but the most economic damage is recorded in the autumn when the crop is in the early stage of vegetation.

Foliar applications can help control these pests (different mode of actions in the current solutions are rather limited), and this requires rigorous monitoring of the fields to be effective. This seems to be difficult, since the period during which the plants appear, and are very sensible to the pest attack, is similar to the period when other specific work for autumn crops is performed on the farm.

Therefore, the safest method of protecting WOSR against pests in the early stages of vegetation is industrial insecticide seed treatment.

Corteva Agriscience™ has launched (registered) Lumiposa to support farmers and help them deal with this situation. This product is the newest and broadest spectrum seed-applied technology for winter oilseed rape, delivering visible superior crop establishment.

By choosing WOSR industrial treated with the product (from different seed breeders) the farmer will reduce early season insect attack damage, helping ensure a healthy early start for the crop, improving vigor and protecting the yield potential. Lumiposa offers a new mode of action to help protect the WOSR seedlings up to the 3-4 leaf stage. It promotes fast acting protection against early season insects like Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle, Cabbage Flea Beetles, Turnip Sawfly and Cabbage Root Fly (Delia radicum).

The product boasts a very safe environment profile, enabling plants to grow more vigorously for a stronger establishment and helping to secure yield potential.