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Publication •  7/18/2019

The Bright Star at Corteva Seeds

Written By Nicolas Perraud
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In the last several years, the ag environment has been evolving a lot: climatic change, regulation, new pests, agronomic practices evolution, digital equipment… In this context, production risks at planting are changing significantly (cold stress, drought stress, mechanical obstruction, soil compaction, insect attacks…) and when we know around 40% of final yield is linked to the right crop establishment, it is mandatory to succeed in planting and crop emergence.

To face those new production risks, there are several new ag technologies, like precision planting or innovative genetics, but almost nothing on seed treatment. It is true, standard of seed treatment is the same since several decades

Corteva has decided to face the future by developing a new seed applied technologies through its umbrella brand named LumiGEN to propose an innovative standard of seed treatment for its own seeds.

The technology is a premium seed applied technology package that provides an integrated, holistic approach to crop protection. This precision seed applied technology allows unprecedented protection of the genetic potential found in high-performance seed products. It insures the right start for crops thanks to a better connection between soil and plant through high roots system enhancement, to accelerate and reinforce crop establishment (healthy and uniform) as shown by pictures below :


The benefits are clear: plants are able to absorb more nutrients and water for yield establishment and reinforce natural defense against pest attacks.

The technology is based on three key pillars to deliver safer, faster, stronger solution:

  • Innovative seed treatment product like Lumiposa and Lumisena but also new generation of biological product
  • Robust process to guarantee high level of risk management
  • Strong expertise from lab to field to increase added value for farmers

Associated to the best genetics coming from Pioneer germplasm and agronomic expertise coming from Pioneer promoters, LumiGEN is delivering the best in class seed treatment to insure your yield potential and maximize your profitability in each field.