Bridgette Readel

Market Development Specialist, Corteva Agriscience

Bridgette is passionate about her family and a dedicated agriculturalist. She is a 1996 graduate of North Dakota State University and has been a sales rep and market development specialist at Corteva Agriscience for 22 years supporting North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and part of Minnesota. Bridgette also is an avid gardener, community volunteer and mentor to others in agriculture.


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Sneaking the nutrients in: The key to balancing processed and fresh foods

Baby Spinach

For many parents, the thought of feeding your family processed food leads to guilt. But just because that store-bought mac and cheese isn’t a nutrition powerhouse doesn’t mean you have to write the entire meal off as being a nutritional failure. 

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The True Definition of Processed Food

Oil in Hands

The term processed food brings to mind the image of neon orange cheese, stringy canned asparagus or worse. But what’s the real definition?

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