Holly Loucas

Customer Agronomist

Holly is a married mom of two, staying busy with sports and school activities. She lives in Paris, Ontario, and is open about feeding her kids GMOs. Holly worked in molecular biology and plant physiology research for over 10 years. She joined Dow AgroSciences in 2011 and now works as a customer agronomist for Pioneer in southern Ontario helping farmers grow better, healthier, higher-yielding crops.

Blog Posts

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What’s the difference between plant breeding and genetic engineering?

Assortment of large, small and differently colored tomatoes

Learn the difference between plant breeding and genetic engineering of plants and how both work for farmers and scientists.

What if grocery stores were GMO-free?

Array of meats, fruits, vegetables spread out.

Grocery store shelves would look quite different without GMO foods. Here’s how the shopping experience would be different. 

The Download on Organic Food

A bowl full of peas with faces

Clean food is a confusing concept. I wish I could define clean food for you, but there isn’t a regulatory definition of the meaning. But I can tell you what farmers do to keep your food free from pests (including pesticide residue), impurities and bacteria.