Dr. Magan Lewis standing by a wall wearing sunglasses
Dr. Magan Lewis standing by a wall wearing sunglasses

Dr. Magan Lewis

Global Technology Adoption Lead – Crop Protection Discovery & Development, Corteva Agriscience

Mom, scientist and STEM fanatic

Magan grew up in North Dakota in a household where extracurricular was curricular. She even remembers performing her first science experiment in her father’s high school lab at age 4!

Magan strives to be a strong role model for her daughters and enjoys spending time with her family in nature, exploring and applying science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) concepts. An initially reluctant camper, she now enjoys family camping and hiking adventures, discovering zoos and science centers around the world, and composing and playing her own music on the piano.

Magan has held roles in plant breeding, global leadership and ag innovation, which have seen her and her family live in four states and two countries over the last 10 years. She received a doctorate in plant breeding and genetics from North Dakota State University.

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Two halves of an avocado with the seed in the middle. Drawing of hands from the two halves and seed are holding each other.

Dr. Magan Lewis shows you how to educate your children on why we shouldn’t fear fats.