Press Release •  7/14/2020

Italy Rice Growers to Benefit from Loyant™ 25 Neo EC Herbicide with Rinskor™ Active

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The official approval of the herbicide will help Italian farmers keep growing

Geneva, Switzerland, July 14, 2020 — Rice growers in Italy now have access to a game-changing weed control product providing more choices and efficiency in their farm management. The full approval of Loyant™ 25 Neo EC herbicide in Italy was obtained on June 5, 2020 (registration No. 17366 of the Italian Ministry of Health), after two years of emergency use authorization, and represents the first registration for a Rinskor™ active product in Europe.

Corteva Agriscience is committed to providing farmers with a toolbox of solutions to manage various challenges, including difficult to control weeds in rice. Loyant™ 25 Neo EC herbicide contains Rinskor™ active which helps rice growers produce a more profitable crop.

The product represents the latest innovation in the technology for weed management in rice in Italy, as it provides growers with an alternative mode of action to control the most important rice weeds, especially the resistant ones (barnyard grasses, sedges and water plantain) and some of the difficult ones (e.g. heteranthera spp). It is active on both monocots and broad leave weeds.

Loyant™ 25 Neo EC herbicide is effective in the most varied climatic and agronomic conditions, irrespective of the type of rice cultivation. It can be used in pre-sowing or post-emergence, in conventional and herbicide tolerant varieties, and can be easily mixed with other products used by rice growers. Loyant™ 25 Neo EC herbicide also offers a wider window of applications than current herbicides available on the market.

Monica Sorribas, Marketing Leader, Europe at Corteva Agriscience said, “This is great news for Italian rice growers. Loyant™ 25 Neo EC herbicide can be used in all rice cropping systems and weed control programs, it has an overall favorable risk profile, and rapidly degrades in soil, water, and plant tissue: in other words, effective weed management and reduced environmental footprint can now go hand-in-hand for Italian rice growers. And thanks to this approval, Corteva maintains its excellent momentum in gaining approvals for Rinskor™ active in Europe and around the world.”

In 2018, Rinskor™ active won the Green Chemistry Challenge Award and the AGROW Award for best new crop protection product.

Please click here for more information about Loyant™ herbicide with Rinskor™ active.

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