Eligibility and Selection Criteria

Two men walking among almond trees

Are You A Climate Positive Leader?

If you're nominated, we'll ask you to share the types of climate positive practices you've implemented, the amount of carbon sequestered, and the ecosystem benefits on-farm. In addition, we'll ask you to provide a personal narrative describing your reasons for implementing climate positive practices, your observations about the implementation journey, and about others who have helped you along the way.


1. You’re experienced in implementing climate positive practices

Recognizing that every acre is unique, the most common practices for outdoor production include nutrient management, integrated crop and livestock management, conservation tillage, and cropping approaches that support carbon capture such as double cropping, cover crops, and continuous cover. Other practices include soil amendments, erosion control, terraces/waterways, irrigation, grazing management, and crop diversity.

The program includes a verification process to ensure that statements from select farmer applications are accurate. Farmers may be contacted to answer clarifying questions or to provide additional documentation, such as photographs or data, that illustrate the practices and outcomes described in their application. Nominators may also be contacted to verify that they are aware of the grower’s operation and have seen the climate positive practices implemented.



2. You’ve helped others along the way – and are passionate about leading by sharing your journey

A Climate Positive Leader farmer has been involved in implementing climate positive practices in an outdoor growing system and are active in educating other farmers and sharing their story of why and how they have implemented the practices. Farmers and ranchers that may benefit from the program include those who have implemented three or more climate positive practices on over ten percent of their farm and have a desire to continue to share their climate positive journey with farmers across the world. Applicants must be fluent in English to be eligible to be recognized as a Climate Positive Global Leader. Because the virtual GFN Farmer Communication Training Master Class is offered only in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese, applicants must be fluent in English, Spanish, French, and/or Portuguese to be eligible to be recognized as a Climate Positive Regional Leader.



3. You’re primarily a farmer and have been nominated by a qualifying organization
The program is intended for an individual farmer or farm operator, who is aged 21 or over, whose primary occupation is farming or ranching, and who has implemented regenerative or climate positive practices. Farmers who meet the program criteria are nominated to apply by a university, nonprofit organization, grower group, university, or technical assistance provider. The program is limited to one application per farm. The program will include farmers from United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, France, United Kingdom, Ireland,  Spain, India, New Zealand, Australia, and Kenya that are nominated by a qualifying organization. An applicant must not be a Corteva employee or immediate family member living with a Corteva employee.

If you are a qualifying organization and would like to nominate an eligible farmer, please email climatepositiveleaders@corteva.com.