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Nadia Chaidir


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Brandy Fifer

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What Matters Most is all of us bringing our whole selves to work and offering a broad spectrum of opportunities to grow, develop, and learn from each other.

Nicole Jansen

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Access to food is a basic human right, regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, ability or any of the social paradigms that define a human as "different."  [Therefore,] everyone should have an opportunity -- should they so desire -- to be part of producing food.

Amanda Copas

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When a woman can walk into a traditionally male-centric role and just be "a knowledgeable person" or "a farmer" – that's when we win.

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Our commitment to inclusion, diversity, and equity

To accelerate our progress and realize our vision, we have identified specific goals across three focus areas.

Our inclusion, diversity, and equity goals

Culture Of Belonging

We are building a culture of belonging for our colleagues, offering ID&E learning and development opportunities to all levels of the organization.

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Diverse Representation

We are committed to achieving diverse representation throughout our organization by establishing clear goals and regularly tracking progress.

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External Impact

We are partnering with customers, farmers, suppliers, and other industry stakeholders to address equity challenges in agriculture.

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