Progress: What Matters Most to Meghan Cassidy, SVP, Senior Advisor to the CEO

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It’s really up to all of us to seize the moment and to become the company and industry we know we can be.”

Meghan Cassidy, SVP, Senior Advisor to the CEO

The stories of what matters most – 6/21/2021

Meghan’s story

How do Corteva’s efforts to advance inclusion, diversity and equity make you feel?

We all have so much to learn. We have to be open to the possibility for meaningful change to really take place, especially in our industry.

How do Corteva’s ID&E efforts support business objectives and benefit our customers?

Innovation is our livelihood at Corteva, and ID&E are all essential to really understanding the needs of our global customer base and of potential customers.

How can each of us be a better ally to our minority colleagues?

This is about listening and learning. We should also be offering our support in the moment. If we see something, we should say something. There are always opportunities to learn more.

What matters most to you about advancing ID&E in agriculture?

What matters most to me about advancing inclusion, diversity and equity in agriculture is really that we’re driving and actually making progress. This is about progress, not perfection.

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“Inclusion, Diversity and Equity. These three elements combine to create a true sense of belonging – a feeling that occurs when each person feels able to bring their full self to work, contribute to their fullest potential, and thrive.”

— Meghan Cassidy, SVP, Senior Advisor to the CEO