About Corteva Agriscience’s Women Agripreneur Program

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About SoilSistas

In 2021, Corteva Agriscience launched its inaugural Women Agripreneur Program in South Africa (SoilSistas) facilitated by the Gordon Institute of Business Science’s (GIBS) Entrepreneurship Development Academy (EDA). The initiative is aimed at enhancing the entrepreneurial, business and leadership skills of 35 women in farming; ensuring that they are able to operate and sustain their farms sustainably and profitably.

The program is informed by the results of a study conducted by Corteva in 2018, that investigated the experiences of women in agriculture, and looked at what the company could do to further empower women farmers.

Participants attend a 12-month tailored course, which also covers sustainable farming practices and allows students to network with relevant stakeholders through learning and knowledge sharing.

As part of our 2030 sustainability goals, Corteva Agriscience has committed to engaging with, and supporting women in agriculture across the globe – from the largest farms in the most advanced economies to the smallest subsistence farms in the developing world.

In Africa, we’re educating and training women in farming and agribusiness, which includes a number of industry-leading initiatives, such as SoilSistas, across the continent.

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