What Matters Most to Katelyn Lichte, Amplifier of Women’s Voices

What matters most to me is that my voice is heard and that underserved communities have their voices heard, and that Corteva is committed to taking actions to make those people's lives better.

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“Agriculture is a global phenomenon and it affects everyone across the world, so agricultural companies should represent that in their employee population.”

Katelyn Lichte, Production Engineer

Katelyn’s story

How do Corteva’s efforts to advance inclusion, diversity and equity make you feel?

It makes me really proud to work for a company who wants to increase our inclusion, diversity, equity and make sure that all employees feel welcome and their efforts are very much contributing to the goal of Corteva.

How does Corteva celebrate your community and culture?

Corteva celebrates women in a variety of different ways. The number one thing that they do is host different events to allow other communities to learn about the history that women have had and the different struggles that we’ve faced.

What has been the most fulfilling part of watching this journey take root and grow?

The most fulfilling part for me of watching this journey is watching all of my fellow co-workers get involved and be really excited about the initiatives and just being given that chance to learn more and engage with other communities. It's been really impactful for me.

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“Inclusion, Diversity and Equity. These three elements combine to create a true sense of belonging – a feeling that occurs when each person feels able to bring their full self to work, contribute to their fullest potential, and thrive.”

— Meghan Cassidy, SVP, Chief Human Resources and Diversity Officer