Global Food Security

A farmer running his hand through a box of yellow corn kernels

Measuring the state of food security

The Global Food Security Index, developed by Economist Impact measures the state of food security across 113 countries through 68 indicators and four key categories: Affordability, Availability, Quality and Safety, and Sustainability and Adaptation. Published in 2022, the 11th edition of the index showed a deterioration in the global food environment for the third year, threatening food security.

The front cover of Economist Impact’s Global Food Security Index report 2022, with an image of workers tending to crops taken from above.

Learn more about the Global Food Security Index here

Building a More Food Secure World

Extreme weather events, global pandemics and ongoing conflicts have showcased the fragility of the global food system, highlighting long-term systemic issues that weaken the food system. To address these long- and short-term challenges, building a more resilient food system is essential.

Agriculture is Essential for Food Security

Building Resilience

Happy farmers sorting boxes of peaches on a farm to highlight the need for agricultural resilience.

What happens on the farm plays a major role in the quality and quantity of food available in markets. This food is a critical source for helping our communities around the world thrive. Corteva is committed to enriching farming and agriculture, ensuring that farmers have the tools needed to fight against food insecurity, helping them achieve long-term productivity and sustainability.

Man in soy

“The GFSI looks beyond hunger to identify the underlying factors affecting food insecurity, and how all farmers around the world are vital in addressing this challenge.

Tim Glenn, Executive Vice President, Seed Business Unit of  Corteva Agriscience