The Global Food Security Index

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Measuring the state of food security

The Global Food Security Index (GFSI), developed by The Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Corteva Agriscience, considers food affordability, availability, quality and safety, alongside natural resources and resilience, across 113 countries.

Corteva Agriscience envisions a food-secure future for generations to come. That’s why Corteva is proud to sponsor the GFSI. We’re committed to securing the future of farms and farming through constant innovation and collaboration.

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Agriculture is at the heart of food security.

By collaborating across the food system to drive human, economic, and environmental health, Corteva Agriscience is protecting and preserving the source of our food and helping our agricultural communities thrive. The 2020 GFSI indicates three distinct arenas for innovation: agricultural resiliency, smart tech integration and sustainable practices.

Building resilient agriculture


The 2020 Index states that a changing climate and declining natural resources pose a serious challenge to future prosperity. Corteva Agriscience is innovating solutions for farmers that improve their livelihoods and operations while conserving resources and sustaining their land.

Supporting smart agriculture

Man with iPad in Cornstalks

The 2020 Index highlights the importance of connecting farmers to information and markets. Corteva’s digital agricultural tools, products and services empower farmers with data that can help them stay abreast of crucial market developments and better manage their farms.

Advancing sustainable agriculture


The 2020 GFSI indicates that the future is only as secure as our food system. Corteva’s long-term commitment to sustainability ensures farmers around the globe will be equipped with the solutions they need to produce what our food system and global population demands. It does this while also conserving resources and sustaining the land.