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Corteva Seed Products

Improving farmer productivity and sustainability with innovative, proven agricultural seed products.

Corteva seeds: farmers first in all we do

For nearly 100 years, Corteva Agriscience has worked side-by-side with farmers around the world to provide seed products and management recommendations to enable farmers to be more sustainable and productive. Increasing yield potential, protecting against diseases, pests and weeds, and developing new food, feed and fuel solutions will benefit farmers, consumers and our planet.

Helping meet farmers’ challenges

Farmers face escalating and ever-changing challenges as they produce the crops that feed, fuel and clothe the world. Thousands strong, our team of researchers, agronomists, and more are focused on delivering the innovative seed solutions that help farmers tackle their biggest challenges.

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Insect control

We focus on providing farmers with the right tools to help control insects sustainably to protect their crops & land.

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Weed control

Corteva is delivering a range of weed control products that are effective and provide environmental and sustainability benefits.

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Resilience against extreme weather

Extreme weather and changing climate patterns can impact farmers’ productivity. 

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Protecting Plants from Diseases

Plant diseases can be a significant challenge for growers globally, leading to lost crop productivity, grower revenues and impacts on our food systems. 

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Delivering improved food and feed solutions

Today’s farmers are faced with a growing world population that is also increasingly interested in healthier, more nutritious foods produced in a sustainable way. 

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Biofuels and Beyond

Agriculture is rising to the challenge of producing more sustainable sources of fuel. Farmers need seed products with high yield potential to meet the growing demand for lower carbon feedstocks.

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Developing, testing and producing seed products locally

Our scientists apply advanced agriscience in R&D facilities and in fields around the world. Our goal is to help farmers improve yield potential for every seed,  while minimizing inputs to build whole-farm systems that are strong and sustainable.

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Meeting farmers where they are

We are committed to serving farmers with the products, tools & services they need to get the most from their operations. We have 4 key seed product routes-to-market based on how our farmer customers’ needs.

Pioneer® brand seeds

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Our flagship brand across the globe, delivering premium products and services with tailored customer experiences.

Brevant® seeds

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A full-service retail seed brand available in key countries.

Regional brands

A suite of regional seed brands available in several countries providing local professionals with local knowledge, experience and product offerings.

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Trait and germplasm licensing

A selection of Corteva technology for farmers who choose to purchase through another seed supplier.