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Biofuels & beyond

Delivering sustainable sources of feedstocks for biofuel 

New frontiers for agriculture

Agriculture is increasingly stepping up to the challenge of producing more sustainable sources of feedstocks for biofuels, fiber and other materials to meet the needs of a growing world population.  Farmers need high yield potential seed products that increase availability of feedstocks for lower carbon intensity biofuels. As demand for renewable fuels continues to grow, new solutions are needed to help farmers meet that demand.

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Demand for renewable energy drives farming opportunities

Today, the U.S. and Brazil are leaders in ethanol production. Given advances in technology, increased demand for renewable energy, & evolving government policies, an even more robust biofuels marketplace is coming.

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Looking ahead

We are focused on investing in new ideas to meet demand for renewable fuels production and are collaborating to advance sustainable innovation.

Corteva is working with downstream partners to establish a novel double-cropping system to incorporate winter canola as a rotational crop for farmers in the mid-southern U.S. This canola can be processed into oil for the renewable fuels market without impacting production of a primary crop for food or fiber. Farmers could realize added value from a second crop on existing acreage, while winter canola will also serve as a cover crop to improve carbon sequestration and support soil health.

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Collaboration to introduce winter canola for sustainable crop rotation, renewable fuels production

Corteva, Bunge and Chevron U.S.A., a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, have announced a commercial collaboration to introduce proprietary winter canola hybrids that produce plant-based oil with a lower carbon profile.

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At Corteva, we believe that the global scientific community can do truly innovative work when we collaborate.  Learn about our Open Innovation approach and opportunities. 

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