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Focus on the EU: Growing for Good

An initiative to drive innovation in farming & sustainable food production among EU Green Deal stakeholders

About Growing for Good

Growing for Good is an initiative comprising a set of circular conversations, organised by Corteva Agriscience, in partnership with the Financial Times Live. Through these high-level discussions we seek to harness the collective wisdom, experience, and innovative spirit of the agriculture and food community to discuss how to navigate challenges that have arisen from the implementation of the EU Green Deal. By fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, addressing challenges and seize opportunities head-on, we can build a stronger shared vision for a more sustainable food system.

The event will be hosted under ‘Chatham House Rule’ to allow for a free-flowing conversation between the panel and the invite-only high level audience.

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Sustainable Food Production in the EU

Igor Teslenko, President, EMEA, Corteva Agriscience

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A Critical Juncture for Sustainable Food Production

The EU finds itself at a critical juncture in its journey towards becoming a sustainable and carbon-neutral economy. The European Commission has set ambitious targets, sparking waves of innovation and change across industries, including food production.

Journey towards Net-Zero

Realizing the ambitions of the European Green Deal, the Farm to Fork (F2F) strategy and other EU sustainability policies is vitally dependent on the food industry. The entire food chain, spanning from farmers, to traders, to the food industry, plays a crucial role. 

As a part of this chain, Corteva Agriscience has continued to invest in innovation to provide farmers with sustainable solutions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions in our operations, and promote biodiversity. However, we recognize that the challenges we and the rest of the agri-food partners face in achieving sustainability goals cannot be tackled in isolation. Progress in the journey towards net-zero requires policies that take into account the heterogeneous needs and challenges faced by different actors along the food supply chain.

Young female farmer picking ripe tomatoes
Young female farmer picking ripe tomatoes

Event Series

Growing for Good: Accelerating Europe's Sustainable Food Transition

The Food Industry’s vital role in Delivering the EU’s Climate Objectives.

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Bringing together leaders from the food industry. What does the industry need to continue transitioning towards more sustainable food systems while remaining competitive? How can we build a bridge between consumer demands and the reality for farmers? What are some of the best practices already implemented as well as the challenges faced in the implementation of the Green Deal?

Meet the Panel


  • Alice Hancock, EU Correspondent, Financial Times 

Keynote address:

  • Christine Gould, Founder and CEO, Thought For Food


  • Christine Gould, Founder and CEO, Thought For Food
  • Malte Piontek, Public Affairs Manager – Agriculture & Food, Schwarz Group
  • Marco Pierani, Director Public Affairs and Media Relation, Euroconsumers
  • Brenda de SwartGlobal Head Sustainable Business Development Wholesale & Rural, Rabobank

Agriculture trader’s vital role in Delivering the EU’s Climate Objectives

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Engaging agricultural traders, who play a vital role in the food supply chain. What role do traders have in creating incentives for the supply chain to implement sustainable practices? What are traders’ views on the Green Deal, its implication and the role they play?

Meet the Panel


  • Susannah Savage, Commodities Correspondent, Financial Times 

Keynote address:

  • Marc Vanheukelen, Former Ambassador of the European Union to the World Trade Organisation


  • Marc Vanheukelen, Former Ambassador of the European Union to the World Trade Organisation
  • Iliana Axiotiades, Secretary General, COCERAL
  • Eva Marin de la Fuente, President, ASAJA Joven
  • Beatrix Richards, Sr. Programme Manager Landscapes, IDH - Sustainable Trade Initiative

Farmer’s vital role in Delivering the EU’s Climate Objectives

Centering around farmers, the backbone of the food industry. How can we ensure farmers have the right incentives, knowledge, and technology to transition towards more sustainable agriculture practices?

Closing Ceremony

The outputs of the previous circular conversations will be pulled together to find possible common grounds.

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Supporting Sustainable Food Production at Corteva

At Corteva, sustainability is embedded into our business, where science, technology and innovation enable us to provide the tools farmers need to feed the world while reducing environmental impacts. We’re delivering on our mission – to enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, for generations to come.

What Corteva is Doing