Keep growing. It’s what we do.

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Introducing Corteva Agriscience

We’re solving the world’s food problems through innovation, technology and putting people first.

Our world is changing. So farming needs to change too.

Farming is taking on the challenges of our time. Reaffirming its role as the driver of progress.

We strengthen farms and farmers. So they can drive economic development; secure health and wellbeing; future-proof agriculture; and advance sustainability.

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Farmers are modernizing agriculture to make it more flexible, productive and resilient.

We are constantly innovating the seeds and crop protection and digital technologies that farmers need to modernize their operations. Season after season – no matter what.

The most important part of progress is enriching lives.

Farmers and consumers are coming together to secure a healthy and sustainable future for all.

We help farmers respond to consumer demands for nutritious, healthy food. And we support the wellbeing of farmers and the communities in which they live.

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Farming plays a vital role in our efforts to thrive while living more sustainably.

We support modern farming practices that are focused on enhancing yields, while also preserving our natural resources and extracting excess carbon from the air.

If our food systems progress and thrive, then civilization will too.

Farming is the economic anchor for millions of enterprises, from manufacturing to retail.

Which is why we maintain a single-minded focus on advancing agriculture. Helping farms and farmers flourish worldwide for generations to come.



Together We Grow

Together We Grow

Every day, Corteva Agriscience employees help the world Keep Growing. Together We Grow celebrates these contributions.

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A New Way of Farming

Farmers today face challenges unforeseen even a decade ago. With a rising population and decreasing arable land, farmers need solutions that will help them do more with less. See what Corteva is doing to help them meet future demands sustainably.

Committed to the next generation of farming and the next generation of farmers

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What happens when you follow the food?

Corteva is sponsoring a new season of BBC’s Follow the Food that explores questions where our food comes from and how this will change the future, with help from new technologies and innovative ways of farming.

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Farm Simulator

The future of farming, in your control

Corteva Agriscience is supporting farmers online and in the field. You can also now find Corteva Agriscience™ brand herbicides and Pioneer® brand seeds in the Farming Simulator 22.

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We’ll keep growing no matter what.

At Corteva Agriscience, we care about everything agriculture.

Connecting People

Connecting People

We champion collaboration and knowledge-sharing across global food systems.

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Tech + Innovation

Tech + Innovation

We are at the forefront of creating smart farms through the application of data and technological innovation.

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We work to secure and sustain the food supply chain worldwide.

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