Corteva seed products: managing insects in crops

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Managing pests

Insects cause significant damage to crops in every part of the world, with estimates that between 20 and 40 percent of global crop production is lost to insects, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization. In addition, pests vary by region and are constantly evolving and migrating.  At Corteva Agriscience, we are focused on providing farmers with the right tools to help them control insects sustainably to protect their crops and land.

Our Commitment

Corteva is a leader in insect control solutions and continues to innovate in this area by developing products that are effective, can be safely used, and have increased durability for farmers now and in the future. We are investing in Research & Development to develop new products and trait technologies, as well as field and on-farm testing to help ensure they meet farmer needs around the world. But, it doesn’t stop there. 

We are committed to providing knowledge and support with best management practices to help farmers manage insects responsibly for the long term.

Integrated Pest Management

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How IPM helps with pest management

Farmers must use every tool at their disposal—knowledge, experience, technology—to manage pest threats that can devastate.

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Developing an IPM strategy

What are the components of an effective Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy?

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Seed solutions

Corteva has a robust portfolio of insect solutions across both seed and crop protection. These include crops with biotechnology traits that enable crops to protect themselves from insect pests in geographies where they are approved to plant, as well as hybrids and varieties which have improved standability under insect pressure.

Looking ahead

Corteva is a leader in insect control solutions and is continuing to innovate in this area by developing sustainable products that can be safely used, with increased durability for farmers now and in the future. 

Our Research & Development teams are delivering a progressive pipeline of generational above and below ground traits for corn insect control.  These next generation products include new modes of action for durability and broad-spectrum control of above-ground pests specifically targeting tough to control pests such as fall armyworm, as well as below-ground insect control technology showing excellent control of corn rootworm.  In addition, we have new concepts for soybean insect management in development.