Arylex™ Active


Flexibility and Freedom for Productive Fields

Farmers around the world have been given what might feel like an impossible task: Grow more but use fewer resources to do it. They’re asked to bring in more yield without using more land, to deliver harvests that are high in quality and low in cost while leaving a smaller footprint, and to make sure they can keep doing it for years to come.

Fortunately for us, farmers have been accepting these challenges for decades. Today, a single hectare of cereal crops produces nearly three times as much yield as it did 60 years ago.1 These kinds of advances are possible because of committed farmers and a toolbox of innovative solutions that help increase production without depleting important resources. Arylex™ active is one of the tools that can help farmers do more with less and continue meeting challenges well into the future.

Arylex controls broadleaf weeds in key crops—including cereals, winter oilseed rape, sunflowers and olive and citrus trees—where weed resistance is a growing challenge. Arylex helps farmers take back their fields from these difficult weeds, so they can keep making the most of every hectare while minimizing environmental impact to forge a positive future on their farms.

Choices and Compatibility

To meet the challenges of doing more with less, farmers need flexibility. Arylex™ active can help farmers be more agile in making the best decisions for their farms. It works in a range of climate conditions—from cool, wet springs, to warm, dry autumns—so farmers can choose to apply when the time is right based on their weed control approach, not the weather forecast. Arylex also has a wide application window, letting farmers effectively treat weeds in different cereal crops at different development stages. And because Arylex degrades rapidly in the soil, it gives farmers more options in crop rotation and cover crops—practices that are vital to maintaining healthy soil and also help naturally suppress weed populations.

See how Arylex™ active is helping farmers around the world gain an upper hand against difficult-to- control broadleaf weeds.

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What Makes Arylex™ Active Unique?

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Different option against resistant weeds


Arylex is highly effective against broadleaf weed species—such as Papaver spp., Conyza spp. and Ambrosia spp.—that are showing increasing resistance to other commonly used herbicides. Arylex works by binding to a specific site in the weed’s plant cells to stop it from growing. It can be tank-mixed with other approved products,* and it’s also available in pre-mixed formulated products with other herbicide active ingredients. This gives farmers multiple modes of action to help prevent further development of weed resistance.

More freedom to rotate crops


Arylex degrades rapidly in soil and plant residues, so it’s a convenient option for farmers looking to rotate cereal crops or plant cover crops. This also makes Arylex a good option for burndown treatments, with a short interval before planting soybeans and other row crops.*

Low use rates


With Arylex, the answer to treating resistant weeds doesn’t need to be using more active ingredient. At very low use rates—just 2.5-6 grams per hectare in most cases*—Arylex even effectively controls glyphosate-resistant and ALS-resistant weeds. This allows farmers to break the cycle of using more and more inputs, to conserve costs and resources and reduce the potential for environmental impact.

Versatile solution for many challenges

Arylex™ active makes a good partner on the farm because it offers farmers versatility to solve diverse weed challenges in a range of crops and settings. Arylex offers wide application windows, efficacy in different weather conditions and proven performance against some of the toughest weeds. These attributes allow ­farmers to put Arylex to work to meet their needs today and into the future.


Innovative Inputs

Farmers rely on crop protection products to help them bring in profitable, productive harvests. At Corteva Agriscience, our focus is on delivering new and better options that anticipate the needs of farmers and the marketplace. Arylex™ active is just one example of how we’re applying decades of knowledge in weed science and broad research and development resources to give farmers innovative choices for their fields—choices that can help them control weeds, meet changing environmental conditions and contribute to healthier land for the future.

Our Innovation

1 “Cereal Yield (Kg per Hectare)” (The World Bank), accessed October 21, 2022,
*Always read and follow label directions and use products in accordance with local regulatory guidelines.
Arylex has many characteristics that contribute to Corteva’s commitment to advancing sustainable agriculture.