Biocontrol Products


Blending Nature and Science for Balanced Plant Protection

Biocontrol products from Corteva Agriscience give farmers more options for controlling pests and preventing damage to valuable crops. When used with conventional pest control products, our biocontrol products can help farmers reduce environmental footprint, spray less frequently and manage resistance.

Natural Solutions to Enhance Pest Control

Biocontrol products help defend plants against pests. Some provide direct control of pests, while others work by equipping plants to defend themselves against pests. Biocontrol products, which can include insecticides, fungicides, nematicides and herbicides, can be applied directly to pests or to plants.


Biocontrol Benefits

Biocontrol products from Corteva complement use of conventional pest control products as well as other Integrated Pest Management strategies. When used with other techniques and interventions, our biocontrol products help enhance the overall effectiveness of a farmer’s pest control strategy. Incorporating biological options into a pest control strategy helps with resistance management and also enables farmers to spray less often or use lower amounts of conventional products. Since biocontrol products don’t contribute to maximum residue limits, they help farmers control pests closer to harvest than many conventional products allow, without jeopardizing crop marketability.

When used in combination with conventional products and other IPM practices, biocontrol products help enhance the overall effectiveness of a pest management program and can provide more complete control as the crop gets closer to harvest. In addition, integrated strategies using biologicals help delay the onset of resistant pests and reduce chemicals in the environment, which preserves farm health for years to come.

What do biocontrol products do?

Biocontrol products use living or naturally occurring materials to control pests. Some biocontrol products work by directly attacking the pest to control it. Other biocontrol products trigger a plant’s ability to defend itself against pests and can protect against future pest attacks, much like getting a vaccine to prevent a disease.

What makes biocontrol products from Corteva different?

Biocontrol products from Corteva deliver proven performance and efficacy against pests. Our portfolio of biocontrol products consists entirely of naturally occurring microorganisms or molecules. These products are brought to market in partnership with biological innovators around the world. Corteva works with these partners to evaluate the most promising natural materials for biocontrol and bring them to market, ensuring our products work as promised and in coordination with farmers’ existing IPM strategies and conventional products. Corteva product development is mindful of today’s regulatory requirements and strives to anticipate those of tomorrow. We hope this will give farmers pest control tools that they’ll be able to use for many seasons to come.

Biocontrol Products from Corteva

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