Innovation at the Core

Lady in the greenhouse

Constant Curiosity Meets Scrupulous Science

Like the farmers we support, Corteva Agriscience is relentless in the pursuit of advancing agriculture. Our crop protection solutions are the result of curiosity, research, persistence and, perhaps most importantly, collaboration with farmers. Through a process of continuous input and improvement comes a special kind of innovation — one that's focused squarely on farmer needs. Farmers committed to delivering beautiful, tasty and nutritious food for the world need solutions to help keep it possible. So, we put innovation at the core of all we do.

Helping Farmers Stay a Step Ahead

Crop threats are constantly changing. Effective innovation doesn't just solve today's issues but anticipates what farmers will need tomorrow. Through each stage of development, Corteva Agriscience combines teamwork, open mindedness and rigorous science to deliver timely solutions that let farmers keep growing.