Path to Productivity


Choices for Opportunity

On their way to growing the beautiful, tasty and nutritious food we all depend on, fruit and vegetable farmers must also navigate economic, regulatory, agricultural and commercial challenges. The best way through is via innovative, scientifically sound solutions that offer a brand-new view of what’s possible on the farm. Biological products are helping to forge this path. Developed with the rigorous science we’re known for, Corteva Agriscience biological products boost performance, make crops more resilient and protect potential while furthering the promise of environmental and economic sustainability.

A Systems Approach

Biologicals are a new frontier in farming, and they invite a new way of thinking. Corteva Agriscience supports fruit and vegetable farmers as they’re on the forefront of using biologicals. With best practices that make these products part of a holistic, systems approach, farmers can enjoy the many benefits biologicals offer.


Food Chain Realities

See the visible difference when biostimulants are used in the field.

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Boost Farm System Productivity

Hear how farmers are making biologicals part of their everyday farming strategy.

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Farming in a Changing Climate

Farmers can raise healthy, resilient crops in many types of conditions.

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