Farming Where It Doesn’t Rain



Ramón lives in a very dry place: Albacete, Spain. For most residents that’s not a problem, but Ramón is a farmer, and water is essential to his livelihood. Two hours southeast of Madrid, Ramón farms the fertile soil of his family’s farm, La Choza de la Herrera, located in the semi arid area of Albacete.
To help overcome a climate with little rain and high temperatures, Ramón pumps water from 100 meters underground and then uses digital tools and data analysis supplied by Mercedes, his Corteva representative, to help him irrigate his crops efficiently and sustainably.
Watch the video below to learn how Corteva helps Ramón keep growing in a place where it doesn’t rain.

Read Ramón’s story:

“My grandfather used to sell oil in these markets. Today, my products are sold worldwide. The soil here is very fertile. The main difficulty is the climate – the lack of rainfall and high temperatures. In the old days, the farm was irrigated by a river.

“Then in the seventies my father discovered an underground reservoir. We used this to irrigate our fields. We were wasting a lot of water because we had to guess how much to use. When I began working with the farm, they really needed help with irrigation. We have access to satellite images. We calculate exactly how many litres are needed for each crop every week. I get this information by phone or email, telling me how much water I need and where.

“This information makes farming a lot more sustainable because it enables a careful use of water. It makes the crops more profitable. I would never leave, because I love this land. I hope that my grandfather’s dream will continue with my children well into the future.”

Farming Where It Doesn't Rain

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