Securing Food Security


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“It is an army invading this region and undermining our food security. Famine will occur.

The fall armyworm has entered Thailand. It can fly very far. It can destroy a corn field in a matter of days. The fall armyworm doesn’t require a visa to cross a country. Farmers must take preventive measures. In Thailand, the kitchen of the world, most people work in agriculture.

We have never had a disease like this before. It’s very severe.

Corn is important because it is the main ingredient in animal feed.

We export poultry to many countries. We’ve been working with the public and private sector and farmers. Thailand acted fast. We were able to give emergency advice within one week. We need international cooperation. If we eliminate it in a single country, that is still not enough.”

Corteva has acquired knowledge and experience from all over the world. We’re using crop biotechnology so there are solutions to this problem. Working together to solve problems with farmers is one of the driving forces in my life.

“We’ll continue to fight.”


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