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More Participation = More Production

More Participation More Production

To raise awareness of the challenges members of our industry face, we asked Corteva employees and partners questions about their work-life experiences. Common Ground is our platform for sharing the unheard voices of agriculture, and its goal is to ignite action and change from our industry. By leveraging everyone’s talents and unique abilities, we will create a more robust, productive industry.

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Tell us about your career and moments that have impacted you. I started as an intern and now I am a senior research associate. One of the most emotional moments during this journey was when I had the opportunity to travel to other research centers to provide support and learn more about different cultures.

Has any identifying factor impacted your career? It has been very challenging for me to supervise [and] gain the respect of men … just because I am a woman.

Describe the perception of the agricultural industry today. Innovative, hard work, dominated by men.

For inclusion, what areas is agriculture lagging in most? Where are you seeing progress? LGBT, lack of support groups, and leadership initiatives. Supporting groups of inclusion and diversity. I have been seeing more progress in the number of women hired.       

How can diversity be better encouraged? Encouraging the creation of chapters, performing more activities, training employees, providing participation incentives.

When a person is feeling happy in their work environment, [they’re] more productive and committed to the company and corporate goals.

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