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U.S. Political Disclosures

We actively participate in the political process, which can make a positive difference in our lives and our communities.

Important information on political disclosures from Corteva’s government affairs team.

Ethically participating in the political process

Our active participation in the political process makes a positive difference in the lives of farmers, consumers and the communities in which they live. When engaging in political activity, Corteva always complies with U.S. federal, state, and local political campaign finance and election laws. Additionally, all political activity complies with robust internal governance policies above and beyond legal requirements.

Corteva Agriscience Employee Political Action Committee (PAC)

The Corteva Agriscience PAC is the nonpartisan political action committee exclusively for and supported solely by voluntary contributions from eligible Corteva Agriscience employees.

The mission of the Corteva Agriscience PAC is to empower Corteva Agriscience employees to engage in the U.S. political process and promote activities to support political candidates.

The Corteva Agriscience PAC supports U.S. political candidates following strict contribution criteria and alignment to Corteva’s policy goals, regardless of political party affiliation. The Corteva Agriscience PAC participates in the political process at the U.S. federal level and in states where PAC disbursements are permitted.

The Corteva Agriscience PAC is governed by a nine-member board. The board is made up of employees representing various functions and geographic locations within Corteva. Corteva’s U.S. government affairs team, serving as the ex-officio non-voting members of the board, proposes PAC disbursements to the PAC Board each quarter. The PAC Board reviews and approves all PAC disbursements at the federal and state level on a quarterly basis. These disbursements are also reviewed by an external compliance vendor, the PAC Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer.

The Corteva Agriscience PAC is compliant with U.S. federal and state laws, as well as registration and reporting requirements.

Corteva Agriscience PAC publicly discloses federal contributions with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). These reports can be found on the FEC website. State contributions can also be found by visiting individual state disclosure websites and in reports required by the Federal Lobbying Disclosure Act. State and Federal PAC contributions can also be found below on a quarterly basis.

No CortevaPAC contributions were made in Q2 2020.

Federal Lobbying Disclosure Act, Honest Leadership and Open Government Act

As instructed by the Federal Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA), Corteva Agriscience files quarterly lobbying reports (i.e. LD-2 reports) to the U.S. Congress to publicly disclose lobbying activities. Following the LDA guidelines, Corteva includes all expenses related to lobbying including:

  • portions of salaries for in-house personnel that participated in lobbying activities and associated overhead costs;
  • payments to outside contract lobbyists;
  • portion of trade association dues that are related to lobbying activities and non-deductible; and
  • travel.

 The LDA also requires all registrants to report specific information on the nature of the lobbying activities on quarterly activity reports (LD-2), including:

  • disclosing the general lobbying issue area code(s);
  • identifying the specific issues on which the lobbyist(s) engaged in lobbying activities;
  • identifying the Houses of Congress and the most specific federal agencies contacted;
  • disclosing the lobbyists who had any activity in the general issue area; and
  • describing the interest of a foreign entity if applicable.1

 Corteva files the LD-2 report as E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, doing business as Corteva Agriscience. Registrations and reports are available online at the U.S. House of Representatives website at https://lobbyingdisclosure.house.gov, as well as the U.S. Senate website at https://www.senate.gov/lobby. Copies of these reports can be found below on a quarterly basis.

Corteva- and employee-registered lobbyists file a contribution report (LD-203) for each semiannual period detailing political contributions, charitable contributions, and other expenditures related to covered legislative and executive branch officials. With each semi-annual report, lobbyists, lobbying firms, and lobbyist employers certify that (i) they are familiar with U.S. House and Senate gift rules, and (ii) they have not provided, requested, or directed a gift (including travel) to a Member or staff with knowledge that receipt of the gift would violate such rules.

1 https://lobbyingdisclosure.house.gov/amended_lda_guide.html#section6

Trade Association Memberships

Corteva is an active member of many trade and business associations at the national and state level. Corteva is required to disclose portions of dues to trade and business associations that are non-deductible expenses related to lobbying as directed under Section 162 (e)(1)(B) or (C) of the Internal Revenue Code. This information is disclosed in the aggregate total reported in the quarterly Lobbing Disclosure Act filings. Corteva also discloses the following information on this website for trade and business associations in which it contributes $50,000 or more annually.

Corporate Contributions

Corteva contributes to political candidates at the U.S. state level where corporate contributions are permissible. Corteva’s corporate political contribution decisions are made without consideration of the personal interest of company executives. Instead, the government and industry affairs team proposes corporate contributions to candidates and party committees at the state and local level based on strict contribution criteria regardless of political party affiliation.

In addition to corporate contributions to candidates and party committees, Corteva makes corporate political contributions to 527 groups and 501(c)(4)s in order to support political interests aligned with our purpose and values.  These contributions are governed under the same process described above for corporate contributions.  These contributions will be disclosed on this page on a semi-annual basis.

All corporate political contributions are approved by the Corteva North America Government and Industry Affairs Leader and are reviewed by an external compliance vendor.

Corteva is compliant with state and local laws, as well as registration and reporting requirements. Corteva discloses corporate political contributions on a semi-annual basis on this website. The company does not utilize corporate funds for independent expenditures or to influence state or local ballot measures.