Naturally Improving Plant Health and Nutrient Efficiency

Biostimulants from Corteva Agriscience help trigger natural processes inside plants and their biome that can complement existing farmer practices to produce a healthy, sustainable crop while also protecting the environment.

Enhancing and Supporting Natural Plant Processes

Biostimulants help plants do what they already do naturally, so they perform those processes better and more efficiently. Different biostimulants work in different ways, helping plants maximize nutrient use and reduce abiotic stress responses for improved growth and resilience. Biostimulants can be used along with other crop management practices. Over time, biostimulants can enable farmers to use fewer inputs while helping to keep soil healthy so plants can make the most use of naturally available nutrients.


Biostimulants support natural processes in plants to maximize nutrient use and reduce abiotic stress responses. This contributes to improved growth, resilience and visual plant characteristics that lead to better quality crops.

Field observations

Slide the bar to show how Utrisha™ N nutrient efficiency optimizer enhances health and performance in potato.

  • N200kgha
  • N200kghaUtrishaN

Potatoes treated with 200 kg N/ha vs. 200 kg N/ha + Utrisha N. The field that received Utrisha N shows improved vigor and yielded over 5% more (56.1 t/ha compared to 53.1 t/ha).


Biostimulant Benefits

Depending on how a particular product works with a plant’s natural processes, biostimulants from Corteva can have numerous benefits in crops, such as more uniform emergence and healthier stands that can lead to more consistent flowering and fruit development, enabling subsequent yield improvements. Incorporating biostimulants into their existing practices can allow farmers to use production inputs more efficiently and better manage the effects of environmental stresses.

What do biostimulants do?

Biostimulants enhance and support a plant’s natural processes. Biostimulant products from Corteva fall into three categories:

  • Nutrient efficiency biostimulants make nutrients and water more available to plants.
  • Plant metabolism biostimulants can be applied at different stages of the plant’s life to help improve factors like growth, reproduction and quality.
  • Stress mitigation biostimulants help plants deal with environmental stresses like water stress, heat, salinity or ultraviolet light.


Regardless of how a biostimulant works, the ultimate goal is improving plant health and vitality.

Corteva biostimulant products work on different processes in plants to help improve use of nutrients, growth and response to environmental stresses.

Watch this video to see how biostimulants can improve a plant’s ability to utilize the nutrients present in the surrounding environment.

What makes biostimulants from Corteva different?

Every biostimulant product in our portfolio undergoes hundreds of tests and evaluations to assure on-farm performance. This rigorous approach allows us to understand how our products work in the plant and verify performance. Corteva biostimulant products are designed with both crop marketability and farmer use in mind. They help farmers reduce environmental impact, manage operations more sustainably and produce healthier and higher-quality crops. As part of regular management practices, biostimulants from Corteva provide farmers proven tools for efficient use of crop inputs, supporting a healthy balance to help farms thrive for years to come.



Biostimulant Products from Corteva

Our biostimulant category continues to grow. Today, we offer the following products:*



*Product availability varies by country and state.

Note: Not all products are registered for sale or use in all states or countries. Some products are pending registration approval. Sosdia Stress is not for sale in California, Florida and Oregon. This information is not an offer for sale. Always read and follow label directions.