Article •  6/24/2022

Sosdia™ Stress abiotic stress mitigator helps plants cope in harsh conditions

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Nearly every crop faces environmental stress at some point in the season. Even brief periods of low rainfall can create drought stress, depending on the crop. To cope under stress, plants produce reactive oxygen species, or ROS. These oxygen-containing molecules are generated through normal plant metabolism and help regulate plant growth and development, as well as stress response.

But sudden spikes of ROS during stressful conditions can be harmful to plants. They can trigger stress response genes and lead to abnormal plant growth or even death. Nature provides a balanced response. Plants also produce small natural compounds called osmolytes that neutralize ROS. Osmolytes work at the cellular level of plants, maintaining cell integrity, water balance and metabolism. Plants adapted to life in stressful environments (like cacti in the desert) have naturally higher levels of osmolytes.

Most row crops aren’t naturally adapted for drought stress. Providing additional osmolytes helps prepare and protect plants from occasional drought stress, offsetting potentially damaging spikes in ROS.

Natural stress protection

One of the osmolytes plants produce is called proline. Proline is an amino acid that helps plants deal with abiotic (non-living) stressors like drought, heat and soil salinity. Scientists have formulated proline into a product farmers can use on their fields: Sosdia™ Stress abiotic stress mitigator. Sosdia Stress can be used as a foliar spray on certain row crops, including corn, soybeans and wheat. It provides the right amount of proline for optimal stress protection to help maximize crop performance in the presence of stressors like drought. It’s easy for farmers to use and can be added to common tank mixtures.

Applying Sosdia Stress has an additional benefit to crop health. Production of proline inside the plant requires use of precious nitrogen. With an application of Sosdia Stress, plants can direct available nitrogen to growth, rather than using it for stress response.

Nearly every growing season includes periods of reduced rainfall that can limit crop growth and productivity. With new, biological products like Sosdia Stress, farmers can breathe a sigh of relief that their crops will be better prepared and protected against heat and drought stressors—whenever the challenge appears.


Sosdia™ Stress abiotic stress mitigator is not registered for sale or use in all states and countries and is pending registration approvals. Sosdia Stress is not for sale in California, Florida and Oregon. This information is not an offer for sale. Always read and follow label directions.

A controlled environment experiment showing effects of Sosdia Stress on New Guinea Impatiens that were maintained at 38°C (100°F) and not watered for 26 hours.