Rooted in Reality


Meeting Fruit & Vegetable Farmers Where They Are

Agricultural innovation is only as valuable as what it does for real farms. To develop crop protection solutions that serve farmers, we have to understand what it’s like on their acres. Corteva Agriscience seeks science-backed answers to tough questions that aren’t always easily quantified. What challenges do fruit and vegetable farmers face every day? What keeps them up at night? What do they need to keep growing healthy and nutritious food? The solutions we develop make their way back to farmers’ fields only after passing the highest bars — for safety, efficacy, sustainability and proven value in fields, groves and greenhouses all over the world.

Supporting Real-World Success

Fruit and vegetable farmers need practical solutions that support their operations from the ground to the grocery. Corteva Agriscience understands that these farmers are in a constant balancing act to keep their crops healthy and farm operations profitable while meeting stringent — and often evolving — regulatory and consumer requirements. The options we deliver with farm practices in mind are designed to make that enormous challenge a little easier.