Food Chain CoNNEXT

Freedom to trade.
Freedom to market.
Applying global knowledge to local markets to support farmers.

CoNNEXT is a complimentary, global business service of Corteva Agriscience.

Through CoNNEXT, we:

  • Engage with downstream food industry partners, farmer customers and technical experts to understand and address challenges to ensure freedom to trade, and
  • Provide a network of trained experts and tools to answer questions and assist in decision making for farmers and food system stakeholders to further expand market opportunities.


By collaborating and looking forward, we seek to understand downstream market drivers and support farmers by opening markets for their harvest. Using our connections, we help the food industry secure a reliable supply of quality crops and produce.

Helping farmers


Helping farmers, helping consumers

In today's complex and rapidly-changing food value chain, everyone, from farmers to retailers, food and feed processors to restaraunts, needs personalized support to grow their business. Corteva’s CoNNEXT service provides global data and customized insights. Translating our global knowledge to your local market delivers freedom to market crops, supports supply chain resilence and drives profits.

How Corteva’s CoNNEXT benefits your business

Through CoNNEXT, we apply global knowledge and information to local markets and support grower confidence in their freedom to trade. Through our global business service, we share our expertise and collaborate across the food value chain.

Benefits to farmers

Working proactively and reactively across the agricultural value chain, we work with farmers to increase their profitability by expanding their freedom to market their crops. We do this by providing farmers with information on how to apply our products and meet market restrictions.

Benefits to food processors

We have an active global network that works closely with food processors to ensure they stay competitive.  Through our interactions, we help the downstream value chain secure a reliable supply of quality crops and produce.

Benefits to food retailers

To meet the growing desire for healthier foods and product choice, we work with food retailers to ensure they have access to a plentiful, quality supply of produce.

Crate of Broccoli

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