Gaining Early Control of Planthoppers With Pexalon™ Insecticide

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Pexalon™ insecticide with Pyraxalt™ active is providing rice farmers with a new and highly effective option against planthoppers. As farmers are gaining experience with Pexalon, they are also learning how important it is to use this new tool early in the planthopper infestation cycle. Farmers who adopt the approach, “be first, be strong, be confident” with Pexalon are discovering they can simplify their approach to planthopper control, worry less and produce more abundant, higher-quality grains.

Be first

Pexalon™ insecticide with Pyraxalt™ active is most effective and delivers the greatest value to farmers when it’s used early in the crop growth cycle, as soon as planthoppers cross the economic threshold level (5-10 planthoppers per hill). With a new mode of action, Pexalon also effectively controls planthoppers which have demonstrated resistance to other commonly used insecticides. By controlling even resistant planthoppers early, farmers not only prevent damage and spread of disease from current insect feeding, but also reduce the severity of infestation from the next generation of planthoppers. Farmers generally treat their fields with Pexalon about two weeks earlier* compared to other hopper-control products. With this change in management practices, farmers find they not only gain better control, but more peace of mind about the health of their developing fields.


Be strong

When Pexalon™ insecticide with Pyraxalt™ active is applied at the early tillering and panicle initiation stage, farmers observe green, healthier stems and better crop vigor, all of which contribute to better yields. Pexalon also allows farmers to enjoy a longer period of control. This means fewer applications in the field, saving valuable time and labor. Pexalon requires just one application,* followed three weeks later by an insecticide with another mode of action.

Be confident

Early application of Pexalon™ insecticide with Pyraxalt™ active protects tillers—the source of rice plant productivity. With planthoppers effectively under control, plants can thrive, resulting in improved yield and quality.


Farmers can also have confidence in the favorable environmental profile of Pexalon. Pexalon selectively controls planthoppers, with minimal impact on non-target organisms including pollinators and natural planthopper enemies like spiders and coccinellids.

As more farmers experience Pexalon™ insecticide with Pyraxalt™ active, they are able to see the difference it makes in their fields and in their daily routines – letting them spend less time worrying about planthopper infestations and treatment. When farmers choose Pexalon first, they set their fields up for a strong season and a confident harvest. 

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*Refer to the label for information about application timing and frequency. Always follow label and use directions.

1 Corteva Agriscience field trials. Data on file.

Pexalon™ insecticide is not registered for sale or use in all states or countries. Contact your local regulatory agency to determine if a product is registered for sale or use in your area. Always read and follow label directions.