Reklemel™ Active


Maintaining a Healthy Balance in Soil

The soil we walk on has been in the making for thousands of years. It sustains life as we know it, providing food for our tables, the foundation for plants to grow and an abundance of nature for all to enjoy. That makes soil one of the world’s most precious resources – a treasure right under our feet that we need to preserve today to provide for tomorrow.

In healthy soils, an entire community of organisms exists together in a harmonious balance. Fungi, bacteria, earthworms and many other living organisms each play a role in keeping soils fertile. Among them are nematodes, which are microscopic roundworms that are mostly beneficial, helping to stimulate soil nutrient cycles and keeping damaging plant pests and diseases at bay.

But not all nematodes are good. Plant-parasitic nematodes attack and damage plants. They can ravage crops and destroy harvests by damaging roots and making plants more vulnerable to diseases and other stress factors, such as weather conditions.

Reklemel™ active is a first-of-its-kind, selective nematicide that targets these plant-parasitic nematodes, yet is gentle on many beneficial organisms in the soil – including good nematodes. This allows farmers to effectively protect their crops from plant-parasitic nematode damage without disrupting the healthy balance of beneficial organisms in the soil.

The Importance of Selectivity

Many of the broad-spectrum nematicides used to control plant-parasitic nematodes can’t distinguish between the “good” and “bad” organisms in the soil. So the soil is at risk of losing parts of its life, becoming poorer and losing the capacity to rely on natural processes that keep crops growing. In a balanced soil environment, beneficial organisms can do what they do best, naturally fighting off diseases and pests, improving soil structure and contributing to the soil nutrient cycle. When soil is more naturally balanced and resilient, it not only produces better crops, but, over time, might also lower the need for artificial inputs. The selectivity of Reklemel™ active represents a new generation of crop protection products from Corteva Agriscience that work with nature and help sustain it.

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What Makes Reklemel™ Active Unique?

Read the Technical Bulletin for more details about the unique features of Reklemel and how it contributes to healthy, balanced soils.

Biologically compatible with beneficial organisms


Reklemel™ active (fluazaindolizine) is highly selective against plant-parasitic nematodes. Reklemel works in harmony with a range of beneficial soil organisms as well as beneficial insects including pollinators, letting farmers take care of problem nematodes without harming organisms that help keep soils healthy and productive.


Promotes crop yield and quality


Studies show, even at low use rates, Reklemel provides long-lasting control of multiple species of plant-parasitic nematodes. Reklemel has been proven to reduce root damage and improve root protection, leading to potentially better marketable yields in crops like carrots, cucumbers, and soybeans. Reklemel contributes to the world’s goal of producing more food with fewer resources.

Unique mode of action for integrated nematode management (INM)


Reklemel is a novel nematicide discovered and developed by Corteva Agriscience. Reklemel works differently than any other nematicide currently available, controlling harmful nematodes by affecting their ability to move and infect plant cells. New modes of action like this help reduce the chances of nematodes developing resistance, so that nematicides can remain effective for farmers over the long term.

A Good Fit for Soil Health

Farmers around the world recognize the value of the soil they farm and are working to protect it. Farmers know that restoring soil — a resource that took thousands of years to form – doesn’t happen overnight. The best case would be to manage the soil in a way that restoration won’t be necessary at all. We’re not there yet, but Reklemel™ active is one new solution that helps farmers produce a high-quality, abundant harvest today and help support their soil health for the future.


Soil Health

Soil is the very foundation of agriculture. Innovations like Reklemel™ active preserve beneficial organisms that are crucial to healthy soils and help farmers feed our growing world while contributing to the sustainability of farming. Protecting and preserving soil health will help ensure decades of abundant, high-quality harvests, generations of successful family farms and greater food security around the world.

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